Tan On Your Schedule Not Ours

At 24 Hour Tan we believe there is something about the way a healthy tan looks. The way a sun kissed glow enhances your features and builds an aura of health and vitality that lends beauty to every step you take.

Unsurpassed convenience coupled with both the quality and service of our indoor tanning facility and friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you make your dreams of obtaining a healthy glow a come true. Come and let us show you our state of the art tanning beds and booths.

Custom Spray Tanning

custom spray tanning in moore oklahomaModern standards of beauty must include a beautiful even tan. To get a fashionable shade of skin girls spend a long time under the scorching sun, enjoy the special makeup, going to the solarium, or in a tanning studio to become the owner of a magnificent tan. Any of these ways have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, excess sunlight can cause skin burns and the development of serious diseases.

In today’s busy environment you need things to work on your schedule. At 24 hour tan, in Moore Oklahoma, we give you a choice. A choice to look your best, a choice feel great about yourself and a choice of when you want to tan.

Tanning is all about looking great and feeling great! 24hr Tan is all about you getting your best tanning results quickly and conveniently.