Master Sun 360 Tanning Bed

Founded in 1979 in a small industrial town outside of Venice, Italy, Sportarredo made a name for itself as a leading manufacturer of high-pressure equipment.

“As tanning bed manufacturer Sportarredo has always been focused on offering the latest technology to exceed customer expectation – said Emmanuele Codega, Sportarredo USA Inc., Vice President- but our equipments are also characterized by the Italian sense of fashion and love that make our products unique.”

After the great success of the first Mastersun 360, introduced in the market in 2005, Sportarredo unveiled, at the ITA show 2008, the new version of the 360. This unit confirmed the important role that Sportarredo has as one of the top tanning equipment manufacturers. The 360 combined the state of art technology with incredible comfort for great results.
Mastersun 360: The latest in Tanning Technology.
Cobalt Filters plus System.

The new Cobalt Filter is the result of Sportarredo’s 30 years experience in the Tanning Industry.

The innovative Cobalt Filter system has been created by Sportarredo’s R&D department, which has one of the most advanced laboratories in the Tanning Industry.

The efforts, Sportarredo put in the development of the new Cobalt Filter formula and in its production system, have made the new generation of filters one of the most sophisticated on the market.

The superior filtration process carefully selects the UV rays and blocks the most aggressive ones, for the best results in Health, Safety and Performance.

The characteristics of the innovative Cobalt Filter,

  • Improved tanning results for a longer lasting tan;
  • Improved an already high level of safety;
  • Improved comfort thanks to the ability to absorb part of the heat produced by the lamps, resulting in the absence of the inconvenient hot spot.

Easy to clean and to change, this new cobalt filter, by Sportarredo, represents one of the best filtering systems on the market.